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This first semester is focused on exploring how the experience and understanding of space is produced between the inhabitant/s and the space/s they occupy. The experience of an interior is not generalised and fixed, but individual and transformative as both the interior spaces and the occupants are forming in dynamic relation with each other.  In-2-photo is a seven day project about the qualities, events, and circumstances that come together to produce specific relations between spaces and people within the city. For this project you will become acute observers of interiors within the CBD grid of Melbourne and begin to develop your own understandings of the varied relations that produce interior experiences in an urban area.
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Interiors are never fixed but change constantly, both physically and perceptually. As interior designers, we need to understand how to engage with unfixed and qualities of interior spaces and experience. This project is concerned with understanding and constructing a transposition. In this project you will examine how changes in space, light, composition and form can produce shifts in states for the inhabitant. This project is not asking you to produce a singular, overly dramatic or simply entertaining effect but rather, through research and process work, bring into concert a variety of more subtle elements - tangible, intangible and physiological - that induce an experience of your particular form of ‘transposition’. 


Olivia Hamilton


Ying-Lan Dann

Andy Miller

Nick Rebstadt

Liz Lambrou

Linda Ramoindo

Fotini Malivindi


Alessia Latina

Amelia Skapetis

Ami Chin

Amy Hawkins

Anastasia Koutsivos

Angela Yang

Angelie Hsiao

Angelina Sreshthaputra

Angelique Apostoli

Angus Williamson

Anouska Paul

Aurathai Jirathitiwanitkun

Belinda Chan

Bowen Zheng

Brianna Simonsen

Brittany Kliegald 

Calee Carissa Sarmiento

Carren Djojodiredjo

Celina Teixeira

Charli Tea McConnell

Danielle Lee

Darka Bavoljak

How Do Hieu Hau Bui

Duong Gia Bao Tran

Ellen Karlsson-Parra

Emily Tingay

Erica Gunawan

Feransisca Oktavia

Gabi Ruivivar-Aererua

Hadeel Alahmari

Will Haotian Xue

Harumi Jayasekera

Desmond Ho Wong

YenHoang Ta

Hongye Zhang

Flora Huiying Wang

Idyll Tintur Chen

Imogen Evans

India Sozan-Coad

Janice Thewira

Jasmine Eddyanto

Jean Gosal

Jessica Caroccia

Jessica Tricarico

MandyJia Myn Loo

Lorenzo Jiahui Chen

Zoe Jiahui Guo

Jiaqi Han

Joan Budiono

Johnathan Ng

Juliet Iuliano

Charlie Kammalgodal Mudalige

Kelly Nguyen

Kezia Collishaw

Khoa Nguyen

Kiarn Pointon

Koby Murnane

Laerimie Lyew

Leo Wu

Lucy Greenwood

Lucy Williams

Eryka Ma Eryka Castro

Maria Argyris

Millicent Morton

Mollika Tuon

Monisha Quai Hoi

Myat Phone Naing

Nadira Forizal

Nancy Naiqi Gong

Naomi Harpur

Natasha Veri

Neysa Gabrela Tedja

Nina Hormachuelos

Nok Hei Natalie Tung

Olay Gulay Misirlisoy

Olivia Christodolo...

Owen Lee Teck Chern

Paris Stewart

Emily Penelope Michaelides

Piper Saunders

Pippi Sparrius

Bosun Pooh Yin Chow

Antonia Quwen Jiang

Rashin Mahboobian

Ryley Portaro

Sahan Kaluarachchi

Samantha Alviano

Sandy Le

Sarah Lai

Serena Chin

Shannon Wong

Shijie Gui

Shu-Yu Wu

Rachel Shutong Rachel Zhan

Sopheabilly Kun

Tamsyn Higgins

Tarryn Vogels

Teah Bishop

Tess Yvonne Hider

Thomas McKinnell

Vrinda Kumar

Vivien Wei-Chen Hsieh

Wendy Qi

Wen Wenjun Xu

William Hogg

Xavier Bruggeman

Xiao Liu

Sarah Xing Yi Ng

Xiwen Gong

Tiffany Ya-Fen Chang

Laura Yating Yu

Dana Yinxuan Li

Yishi Wang

Yvonne Yiwen Jin

Youcheng Liu

Hannah Yuhan Wang 

Christine Yuting Luo

Zecily Fung

Zeji Sun